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Making a complaint

Making a complaint

Notification of the complaint by the consumer may be done in the form of either:

  1. In writing, at the address: ul. Kochanowski 43, 33-100 Tarnów
  2. By mail at: sklep.revedechantelle@gmail.com.

The Vendor will reconsider the complaint within 14 days.

Product should be sent back to:
ul. Kochanowskiego 43
33-100 Tarnów

Warranty is valid for two years (following the delivery)

Return policy

According to the law you are entitled to return the product within 14 days.

To return your item, please fill in the Withdrawal Form and e-mail it or post it to our address along with the product. Attach all the accessories, receipt and/or the invoice. Shipment cost is covered by the buyer.

Guarantee form


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